Bel-Air Athletics: Will Smith launches limited-run ‘Fresh Prince’ inspired clothing line

Photo: Bel-Air Athletics (website)

Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is paying homage to his breakout television role and the 90s era with a new clothing line.

Named “Bel-Air Athletics” after the integral location where Will Smith’s iconic role lives, the style evokes a fine balance of comfy and classic wear.

The clothing line includes a full reversible navy and paisley Academy Track Jacket that will cost you a pretty $95. A matching pair of track pants sells for $80.

"I put my thang down, flipped it and reversed it," Will wrote in a caption on Instagram showcasing the track jacket and other items. 

However, the track pants aren’t “officially” reversible but you can “wear ‘em inside out if you’re bold,” according to the website.

Beyond that, t-shirts range from $30 to $40 while Court and Academy socks go for $15.

The clothing line will only be available until Oct. 14.

To see the full clothing line options, you can visit Will Smith’s “Bel-Air Athletics” website.