Bensalem police warn of dangerous trend involving children in roadways

Police in Bensalem Township are warning motorists and parents about a dangerous new trend involving kids blocking traffic.

According to police, a large group of children on bicycles recently blocked a roadway, causing traffic to stop. Once it was stopped the children yelled and cursed at a driver trying to continue down the roadway.

Authorities say that the children in this incident had purposely blocked the road, and appeared to be empowered by a group mentality. The children involved in the incident were identified, and police claim the "appropriate police actions are being taken."

In a release Monday, the department ensured they were dedicated to putting an end to such behavior and warned both parents and residents about the trend.

Parents were told that if their child was found to be involved in blocking a roadway in this way, both the child and parent would be cited. Police said they would also seize the child's bicycle if appropriate.

Residents who may find themselves blocked in this way have been advised to call police to report the incident, and take photos and videos of the children, as long as it can be done safely.

"The Bensalem Police Department is dedicated to the safety of our children and residents. We need everyone's help with this problem so that we can prevent a tragedy," the department stated.