Big changes coming to Camden's waterfront

"I am a little concerned that I am at a podium with a shark tank next to me. I've already agreed to this deal… no reason to get intimidating," Chris Christie said at a press conference this afternoon.

The deal New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is referring to is a one billion dollar development project spearheaded by liberty property trust that will transform Camden's waterfront...

The details just announced this afternoon at the Adventure Aquarium.

We are talking 16 acres of waterfront property... 1.7 million square feet of office space… a hotel… retail and residential units... And open space.

"It's not just a bunch of buildings and parking lots… gonna be an urban neighborhood," Robert Stern with AM Stern Architects said.

"It sends a powerful message that Camden is no longer America's most dangerous city… Camden is a city where families can come and live and do business," Christie said.

The governor says the massive project will deliver something Camden is in desperate need of... jobs... and lots of them.

"These companies are anticipated to create nearly 1400 new jobs.. keep 2300 at risk jobs from leaving and generate nearly 5000 construction jobs," Christie said.

"This is what our residents have asked for and advocated for over many, many years and decades," Mayor Dana Redd said.