Bike shop creates bond between boy with special needs and maintenance man

As the weather changes to spring-like temperatures, more and more kids will be able to hit the pavement thanks to a Bucks County bike shop.

For two people, that shop means much more.

Every Wednesday afternoon, inside the shop, you will hear the sounds of tools. The sounds of wrenches and spray cans working their magic.

The shop is tucked away in a basement on the campus of Woods Services, an Organization that empowers people with disabilities and challenges to reach their highest potential.

Since December, maintenance man Steve Smalley and 11-year-old resident Shawn Cain have fixed about a hundred bikes for the kids living on campus.

"We just fix them up and take them back and put them back in the shed," Steve explained, "I guess it brightens their day up."

This all started one day when Shawn spotted Steve working on Campus. He noticed how Shawn took interest in all things mechanical.

"He comes walking up asking questions. You don't usually get kids that like to talk that much so I took an interest in him," Steve recalled.

So Steve quickly asked to have Shawn work alongside him, inside this bike shop.

Since then, the two have formed a bond which goes much further than fixing bikes. Steve is now part of Shawn's circle of trust and for Steve, the friendship is a way to fill an empty heart.

"The reason I really took a liking to him was my son was like that. He was not very academically inclined but he was great with his hands and when I met him he reminded me of my son," Steve said.

A few years ago, Steve's 18-year-old son died in a car accident. His name is Sean too.

"When I found out his name was Shawn I was blown away. He reminded me of my son and when I found out his name, I was like wow," Steve explained, "My wife was like 'somebody brought you two together.'"

A few hours on a Wednesday afternoon is all one needs to learn, and all the other needs to remember his son.