Black bear spotted in Upper Makefield Township

A black bear has been spotted in Upper Makefield Township.

Upper Makefield Township police posted photos on their Facebook page of a bear wandering about in woods in the township, taking part in bear-type activities. The photos were submitted by an Upper Makefield resident.

In their post, police ask that all residents be mindful of bears in the area and to respect their space.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission states that black bears are most commonly active at dawn and dusk. They will often run from humans, but some can become used to humans living near their homes and can be lured into yards by bird feeders, grills or garbage cans.

They suggest the best way to keep bears at bay is to keep food secure. Bears smell food and will be drawn to a home with a ready supply of leftover grilling, a full trashcan left on the curb or a full bird feeder, among other food sources. Staying ahead of bear activity by only putting a full trashcan out on the day of pickup, cleaning grills immediately after use, or bringing bird feeders in at night.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has other tips on their website.