City removes abandoned shipping container that was blocking drivers views

A shipping container that blocked the view for drivers pulling out of a North Philadelphia parking lot was removed Friday by the Philadelphia Parking Authority. 

Locals say the tan shipping container had straddled the curb outside the parking lot on 7th street between Callowhill and Spring Garden streets for at least six months.

The danger wasn't only to those pulling out into traffic, but drivers who are already on the road. Renee Maffiore told FOX 29's Hank Flynn that the container has caused accidents.

"I came in yesterday, and it's all the way up on the curb, into the sign over there, there was a bumper on the ground., clearly like they hit this pretty bad," she said. 

Maffiore and others placed calls with police and city departments like the Philadelphia Parking Authority but were unable to get the container removed.

"It's seemingly empty, I don't know if it's abandoned or what's going on, but nobody has come to pick it up, we can't get anybody to come and pick it up," Maffiore said. 

Less than 24-hours after FOX 29 reported about the problematic shipping container, a flatbed truck from the Philadelphia Parking Authority hauled it away Friday morning.