Montgomeryville boy, 5, calls for help using Amazon’s Alexa during mom's medical emergency

A 5-year-old boy is being credited with helping save his mom's life through the power of technology. 

"I woke up and there were six paramedics in my room and I’m like hi guys who are you," Jasmine Neal said.

Those EMTs would have never found her after she suffered a seizure if it wasn’t for her 5-year-old son.

There was no landline in their home, but Tyrion Span was resourceful with technology. He had Alexa call Gigi's work, which is Tyrion's nickname for his grandmom Natalie Neal.

She had recently programmed Alexa so that Tyrion could call her and showed him how to use it. Turns out that lesson may have been a lifesaver.

"I didn’t really think anything of it but a week and a half later I’m getting a phone call at work from a very scared little boy who was crying so hard I thought he was laughing but I realized he was crying," she said.

Over Alexa, Tyrion told his grandma what happened and Natalie called 911 and told Tyrion to unlock the door so that pandemics could enter the home. 

"He is very, very smart and we only went over it a couple of times to say how do use Alexa call Gigi and he did it," Natalie said.

Tyrion hopes to work in emegency services when he grows up. 


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