Boy battling cancer meets Gritty for his 4th birthday

It was a dream come true for a little boy battling cancer. Jack Callahan met Gritty for his fourth birthday after writing a letter to his favorite mascot.

The Gritty-themed celebration, which was held at the Ronald McDonald House came complete with Gritty gifts, silly string and a Gritty cake from Whipped Bake Shop. Of course, Jack wore his Gritty costume to the big party. It was truly a day the Jack will never forget.


‪When pen pals become real pals. ‬Happy Birthday Jack! ‬

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“In February, we learned he had cancer and walking was becoming painful over a period of about a week and a half and it got steadily worse,” Jack’s father, Mike, told FOX 29 last month. 

An MRI detected metastatic cancer in his pelvis that eventually spread to his lungs.

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“He’s got a positive personality has a good sense of humor and he’s just fun to be around even though he’s very sick. He doesn’t know he’s sick,” Mike explained.

The family left a hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, where they live to come to CHOP where they’ve been off and on since June and permanently since August.

Jack wrote the letter that quickly went viral back in September with the help of his parents.

Video Credit: Philadelphia Flyers