These Pa. towns near Philly cited as top 50 best places to live in US

Two locations outside of Philadelphia have been named as 2024’s Best Places to Live, according to Money.

In the publication, Money states the list "celebrates cities and towns" with booming economies that also offer "affordability, diversity and an exceptional quality of life."

In alphabetical order, two of the 50 they cite include Lancaster and Media as locations to consider living in.

Lancaster has all the Amish old-world charm, as many know, but the historic town of 60,000 has grown into more than a quaint jaunt. Money notes Lancaster has the cost of living of a small town, while having access to a thriving metropolis. Lancaster boasts a walkable and bikeable atmosphere, which is appealing to many. Lancaster’s employment rate is at a very low 2.3 percent, while housing is very affordable, whether renting or buying a home.

UNITED STATES - APRIL 23: Sheaf of hand-harvested wheat on an Amish farm, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

There are many diverse restaurants, offering a wide variety for any taste, as well as the many stands of the Amish and their wares. To add to its charm, Lancaster offers theaters, museums and breweries, while day trips to Philadelphia, Washington D.C. or New York are easy to achieve.

Not to be outdone, Media, in Delaware County has something for everyone and every family. Money states, "Amenities are plentiful," going on to list Ridley Creek State Park, for great hiking opportunities, while farmers markets abound and, as many may know, the abundance of diverse restaurants in the locale is something the town should be proud of.

There are many shops and locations to eat within walking distance of ample parking. And, of course, in the warmer months, Media closes State Street to vehicles, allowing residents and those visiting to dine out, enjoying a fine meal and atmosphere.

Money also states Media’s median income is the envy of the Commonwealth along with a low unemployment rate. Students typically do well, scoring higher on tests than the state average for math and reading.

The proximity to Philly, just a half hour train ride makes it an excellent location to settle down and call home.

Money also lists Frederick, Maryland and Metuchen, New Jersey as ideal locations to settle in.

Find the full list at Money’s website.