Brevard Zoo's new baby giraffe takes first steps

Zookeepers in Melbourne, Florida are busy looking after a new addition to the Brevard Zoo's giraffe herd.

The zoo welcomed its latest addition, a male giraffe calf, on March 17.

The calf, born to 16-year-old Milenna and 18-year-old Rafiki, has yet to be named. At birth, he weighed 158 pounds and measured 6' 3.5" tall.

The calf and his mother will remain behind the scenes for a number of weeks before joining the public viewing area.

But the Brevard Zoo gave us a sneak-peek at the baby boy's first steps. It took several tries and some coaxing from mom, Milenna, but he managed to get on his feet and walk around a bit.

Brevard Zoo shared a video of the calf's first steps on Facebook on March 20.