Bucks County community on edge after rash of car break-ins

A Bucks County community is on edge after a rash of car break-ins. Half-a-dozen people have reported money and property being taken from their cars. Some victims noticed hundreds of dollars missing.

Levittown, Bucks County, still looks like the community of the 1950's of small, affordable homes, tidy lawns--suburban bliss. But there's trouble.

Andrew Rushing's sons had a couple pals over a few nights ago. One left several hundred dollars poorer and the other facing possible ID theft.

"610 dollars and one had a license and credit card stolen out of the car," Middletown Township Police Lt. Pete Feeney.

One of the vehicles had a window down and the other was unlocked. Since mid-week say police about six cars--all unlocked--have been hit along Quay and Quiet Roads.

Lt. Pete Feeney, head of parole and a bike cop, says the robbers are usually not violent.

You can slow them down if you do the following:

1. Lock your car.

2. Remove or hide valuables.

3. Park in well lit areas or install motion lights at home...

4. Lock the glove compartment.

The Lt. Says the break-ins come in waves.