Bucks County teen starts summer camp for local kids

A Bucks County teen decided to create a ‘camp’ for his friends and teammates after they were all cancelled. 

“[It] kinda started out as an idea three months ago, but it was always in the back of my head,” said Charlie Schurr, the organizer of the ‘camp’.

Many summer camps are closed, so Charlie decided to start his own from home. He invited some basketball teammates and friends, and is offering it five hours a day.

“He really made this up thinking if we don’t have basketball camp, at least we’ll have mine,” said Jacqueline Schurr, his mother. “I wasn’t sure if they were gonna show up for day two of camp, and its been in our third week, and these kids come six days a week!”

At just 13 years old, Charlie’s friends have said that he coaches them very well.

“It came from some previous trainers that I've been to, I've looked up some good drills on YouTube,” he said.

The ‘camp’ has a host of activities, including zip-lining, a trampoline, running, and weightlifting in the basement. As added bonuses, everything is free, parents are splitting the cost of food, and a neighbor has allowed them to use his pool.

“He’s [Charlie] learning that he can be a leader,” said Jacquline.


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