Budgets undecided after deadlines in all 3 states

We've been reporting New Jersey's government shutdown is dragging on without a resolution to the stalemate between a defiant Republican Gov. Chris Christie and an unmoving Democratic Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto as the state begins to feel the sting of shuttered services. Christie has ordered the Democrat-led Legislature to return on Sunday to consider a path around the budget impasse.

In Pennsylvania, the main spending bill in a $32 billion bipartisan budget package is past the legislature on the state fiscal year's final day, although lawmakers don't know how it'll all be paid for.

The House voted 173-27 on Friday, hours after the Senate voted 43-7. The package was unveiled a day earlier, after being negotiated in secret. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf supports it, but has yet to say whether he'll sign it if lawmakers can't figure out a spending plan.

Both chambers recessed until at least Wednesday, and lawmakers say they'll try next week to find $2 billion-plus to cover the shortfall.

The governor's office says spending is virtually flat under the package. Counting the amounts above the last approved budget of $31.5 billion, the increase is nearly 3 percent. Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to universities is awaiting passage until lawmakers pass a revenue plan.

Delaware lawmakers have given up trying to pass a budget for the fiscal year that started Saturday as Republicans refused to support higher income taxes proposed by Gov. John Carney and fellow Democrats to fund a proposed $4 billion spending plan. After weeks of budget negotiations and failed attempts at last-minute deals, lawmakers settled early Saturday on an unprecedented short-term measure funding state government at fiscal 2017 levels for 72 hours.