Burlington City Clerk Fights Back Against Armed Robbery Suspect

NEW JERSEY (WTXF) Incredible surveillance video of an attempted robbery gone bad for the suspect. The masked robber is caught off guard by a store owner on South Route 130 who fights back and wins. We've blurred their faces to protect the clerk and because the suspect is underage.

"The guy came with his mask on and he said give me your money and after that I was nervous," said the clerk.

The video shows the suspect who police identify as a 17-year old from Willingboro enter the store wearing a mask and frantically waving what appeared to be a semi automatic handgun. He allegedly demanded money.

"He tried to open the register but he couldn't open it. After that I didn't open for him and he tried to hit me," said the clerk.
Next the video shows the suspect go berserk hitting the clerk over and over again with the gun. Then the unthinkable happened. The clerk says pieces of the gun fell a part and he knew it was a fake so he turned the tables.

"He tried to leave and I tried to grab him."

Another camera catches the scuffle at the door as the clerk wrestles with the suspect and drags him back inside the store. He says he pulled off the mask and wrapped it around the suspect's neck. He then managed to drag the suspect outside and to the front of the shop next door.

"I said call the police and help me out," he said.

Police arrived to find the clerks still struggling to hold down the suspect. Cops determined he actually had a pellet gun.

"Both clerks were very brave in what they did. We obviously do not recommend that but nobody was hurt fortunately. The one clerk did sustain minor injuries," said Lieutenant John Fine.

Still the clerk says he did what he felt he had to do.

"If they do it one time, they will do it all the time," said the clerk.

The suspect was taken to the Burlington County Juvenile Detention Center. He's charged with robbery, criminal mischief and simple assault.