Nor'easter makes impact in New Jersey

The skies opened up over Burlington Township Monday around 7:30 p.m. with pouring rain, flashes of lightning, and roaring thunder.  This is just round one. The nor’easter is set to hit overnight. 

"I don’t even wanna think about it! Again!" says Kelly Clark of Burlington Township.   "I’m terrified every time wind picks up. I’m scared."  

Clark says she’s traumatized from Tropical Storm Ida when a tornado furiously whipped through Burlington, NJ.

"The noise was like nothing I ever heard," she explained.

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The tornado ripped shingles and siding off of her home, tore through her fence, knocked down trees, blew out nearby transformers, and left her shaken nearly two months later.

"It’s crazy how in your mind you’re so afraid now.  I can’t believe how it affects you," says Clark.  

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency to take effect Monday night, citing potential flash flooding, coastal flooding, and wind gusts statewide.  People are encouraged to stay off the roads.  

Kelly Clark’s husband, Vernon, showed us around their property earlier in the day.  He says he’s concerned about a nor’easter’s impact on their already damaged home.

"We’re worried about the tarps holding up in another storm, whether it will blow off or not," explains Vernon Wallrath.  "It’s just...hope and a prayer," he says.  



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