Burrito Bonito, a new Mexican-style eatery, opens in Old City

Did someone say 'Cheesesteak Burrito?'

The City of Brotherly Love has its fair share of cheesesteak joints and the Old City neighborhood is no exception.

Burrito Bonito, a colorful and quick-service Mexican-style eatery, hopes to bring something a little different to America’s most historic square mile.

Located at 212 Market Street, the restaurant opened Monday at noon and will serve guests for lunch, dinner and late-night on weekends.

It boasts a creative menu with produce and proteins from local organic farms. The tortillas are handmade and pressed on-site. 

To be even more inclusive of its guests, the menu offers vegetarian and gluten-free options including an Impossible burrito.

For those with a sweet tooth, order a cheesecake chimichanga and be treated to a slice of cheesecake wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried.

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Then, it’s tossed with cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla icing.

Buen provecho, everybody!