Bus Driver Suspended Without Pay After Passenger Attacked Him

(FOX News)- A Florida bus driver was suspended without pay for five days after a passenger attacked him.

Shocking video shows Andea Jamison brutally beating driver Ken Legler while the bus was driving at 45 mph.

Legler said that Jamison tried to use a bus pass that had been tampered with, so he used his radio to try to contact someone about the situation. This allegedly prompted Jamison to grab the wheel and try to drive the vehicle off the road - all while attacking Legler.

Luckily, a few passengers came forward to stop Jamison while Legler brought the bus to a halt.

Jamison was charged with battery for the shocking incident, but Legler found himself suspended without pay. Transit officials cited the rule book which says that "drivers are to be courteous, helpful and patient and avoid disputes."