Bus, tractor trailer crash on Jersey Turnpike leaves 33 injured, stranded

Dozens of people inside a coach bus traveling along the New Jersey Turnpike had a terrifying start to the holiday weekend. The bus collided with a tractor trailer in Gloucester County early Friday morning.

The bus veered off the southbound lanes of the NJ Turnpike between Exits 2 and 3, flipping onto its side.

Wanda Davis of Manhattan told Fox 29 that the Panda NY bus left lower Manhattan around 10 p.m. last night. It was headed to Charlotte, North Carolina when the accident occurred.

More than 30 people were transported to area hospitals with minor injuries.

But the bigger issue? Confusion. Victims stranded at the hospital say they left their belongings on the bus and didn't know how to get them back.

"Now they're saying we have no way home period," Christy Worthy told Fox 29. "They got our money, luggage still on bus, credit cards, everything."

The victims huddled together outside of the hospital wrapped in blankets feeling abandoned and frustrated. That's when Rick Jones of Atlanta told Fox 29 that even before the crash happened, he had a bad feeling about the trip.

"I did notice he was swerving…ahead of crash," Jones said.

Jones says this isn't the first time he's had a bad experience with the bus company but he keeps going back because...

"The price. [You] get what you pay for, you know?"

Fox 29 has reached out to the bus company for comment on this morning's crash but has yet to hear back.