Powerball winning numbers: 2 California tickets come close to jackpot

Two lucky tickets sold in California were awfully close to winning the Powerball jackpot in Saturday night's drawing. 

Bad news - two people won a combined $1.1 million, and it probably wasn't you. Good news - you've still got a chance to win some major money - this time, $1 billion! 

According to the California Lottery, the two tickets matched five of five numbers correctly, but did not match the Powerball number. 

The winning numbers are 19, 31, 40, 46, 57 and Powerball number 23.

The tickets- worth $552,461 each - were sold in Pico Rivera and Markleeville. 

Because no one won the jackpot Saturday, the Powerball has increased its jackpot to $1 billion, California Lottery announced Sunday. 

The next drawing will be held Monday, Oct. 31. 

The increased jackpot will be the second-largest in U.S. history. The biggest prize was a $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot won by three ticketholders in 2016.

Although the advertised top prize will be an estimated $1 billion, that is for winners who receive their winnings through an annuity paid over 29 years. Winners almost always opt for cash, which for Monday’s drawing will be an estimated $497.3 million.

It has been nearly three months since anyone hit all six numbers and took the lottery’s top prize, with a $206.9 million jackpot win in Pennsylvania on Aug. 3. Thanks to Powerball’s long odds of one in 292.2 million, there have now been 37 consecutive draws without a jackpot winner.

FOX News contributed to this report.