Camden County Little League seeks community help after critical team equipment stolen

The future of a Little League organization in South Jersey could be in jeopardy after a thief stole a critical piece of equipment. Now the team is asking for help.

"I’ve been playing for a long time, so, to me, it means a lot more than anyone could know," Magnolia Little League player, Nasier Damicoslegaitis, said.

And, because of kids like Nasier and his teammates, the president of Magnolia Little League, in Camden County, is so upset someone stole their commercial riding mower from their equipment shed last August.

"I’m not mad for me. I’m mad for our kids out on the field. You know, it’s taken from them," Magnolia Little League president Gregg DiBartolomeo said.

The mower is crucial to maintaining the league’s four fields used by its players four to 16-years-old. The league thought the theft was covered under the Magnolia’s insurance policy, only recently learning the mower was not actually listed.

"We try to keep our fields as nice as possible and we’re just behind the eight-ball right now," DiBartolomeo remarked.

The league raises money during the season from its snack stand and sponsorships, but it’s not enough to cover the $9,000 needed to replace the mower.

DiBartolomeo started a GoFundMe campaign, hoping the community will come to their rescue. "Last thing I wanted to do was to ask for help, but we’re at the point now we had to."

With outdoor practices starting next month and opening day slated for April 22nd, the players are disappointed and angry someone would do something like this.

"That tractor is a lot to this field. It’s very valuable," player Marcus Staffieri said. "If we didn’t have it, it could mean we don’t have a season, but people, I think, some people are coming in to help."

Anyone interested in helping the league can do so at the GoFundMe link, here.