'Cancer Lifer' Holley Kitchen dies at 42

(KDFW) When a woman shared the story of her Metastatic Breast Cancer on Facebook last summer, more than 51 Million people around the world watched her video.

We're sad to tell you: Holley Kitchen passed away Tuesday morning according to a Facebook post from the group "Holley Kitchen and the Cancer Lifers."

She made a huge difference while she was here by getting the word out about this disease. Last summer, Kitchen sat down with some flash cards she bought from HEB and made a little video set to music.

"I literally got this idea...I was praying and the Lord put this format on my heart and I thought, 'That's a little weird,' and I sat at that table right there," Kitchen told us last June.

She was hoping at least a thousand people would see it.

As of this week, more than 51 Million people have seen Holley's story about being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 39. Then months after being given the all-clear, she learned her Breast Cancer had metastasized to her hip and spine.

When FOX 7 interviewed Kitchen last summer, the wife and mother of two told us she thought her double mastectomy and hysterectomy would have prevented further problems.

"I had no idea that my Breast Cancer could come back somewhere other than my breasts. I truly in my heart thought if my breasts were gone I could not get Breast Cancer and that was not the truth. Breast Cancer can come back anywhere in your body and once it moves from its original location is where they get the term metastatic," Kitchen told us.

Kitchen was a supporter of Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas.

Executive Director Ray Anne Evans says Metastatic Breast Cancer is the type of Breast Cancer that kills.

"We've come a long way and yet Holley's other message is 'We haven't come far enough.' 40,000 women a year still die from Metastatic Breast Cancer. And most people don't know that it even exists. It's swept under the rug. Because we're too focused now on making women aware of Breast Cancer and not that people still die from Breast Cancer," Evans said.

After Kitchen's passing on Tuesday, the mood at BCRC was somber. Evans says the group is devastated.

"But it's a reminder of the work we do and the way we do it...and that we're here to create a community of support. And that's what we were able to give Holley. So she had a group of women that surrounded her who loved her, who supported her, Evans said.

But Holley's message heard all over the globe made a big difference.

"More people today know about Metastatic Breast Cancer and what it does and what it means than ever before...because of Holley," Evans said.

"You know, I'm hoping to create a legacy for them in that maybe you know when I am gone one day they'll be able to look back one day and say 'I remember Mom did an interview and I want to see her face' so that they know that my Cancer struggle had a purpose...that it was not for nothing and I'm doing it for them," Kitchen told us in June speaking of her children.

A couple of the websites Holley wrote down on her flash cards for all the world to see -- The Metastatic Breast Cancer Network: www.mbcn.org and www.breastcancer.org

There are a couple of ways you can donate to Holley's family to help with finances.

This is from the Holley Kitchen and the Cancer Lifers Facebook page:

"For anyone who wishes to support the Kitchen family financially, there are two ways to do that. There is a gofundme account set up here: https://www.gofundme.com/bas5g8 but please be aware that they take approximately 6% commission out of your donation.

Alternatively, you can donate through Paypal to the email address holleykitchenandthecancerlifer@gmail.com (It's a long email so please double check to make sure you have it right). With this option they do not charge any fees and the money will be in her husband's name to make it easier on them. Please make sure you select the "Send money to friends or family" option."

There is a GoFundMe account that has been set up. You can get more information about that here.

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