Caught-on-cam: Man attacks officer by swinging dog on leash

A man attacked a Kansas police officer in a cruel fashion using quite an unconventional weapon - his dog.

A police dash cam captured the moment on video.

The man, 27-year-old Michael Rush, is seen charging at an officer. He then swings a dog by its leash and strikes the officer with the animal.

Resident David Lehr said of the man, "Totally out of his head. He was yelling all kinds of language, most of the words you couldn't understand."

"Just kind of an animal like scream which was really disturbing obviously it was someone who was not in the right state of mind," Chief Phil Bostian said.

"It's a bad feeling, you're out there by yourself you're being attacked by someone and you're, you've used all your means at your disposal to try and defend yourself."

Lehr praised the officers for their actions.

"I don't know how anybody can hold their composure when you've got somebody attacking them like that. I've got to congratulate these policemen they did a remarkable job I thought."

Rush was arrested and his pug mix was taken to a shelter when he is doing just fine.

"Better not take the dog back to him. Because if he gets into these kinds of things he'll probably kill the creature. I'm surprised he didn't last night," Lehr said.

Rush now faces possible charges of animal abuse and battery against an officer.