Caught on Camera: Woman steals autism awareness donation jar

Police say they are searching for a woman who stole an autism awareness donation jar off the counter at a Bucks County pizza shop.

"I turn around bare spot on counter and I'm like, 'You have to be kidding me,' Megan Colfer with Longhitano's Pizza said.

What was stolen? A #TeamDominic donation jar from the counter of Longhitano's Pizza in Southampton Township.

"I was on phone less than a minute and she was in here less than a minute as the video shows,"Colfer said. "She came in with a plan knew what she was gonna do came in here and took it."

11-year-old Dominic is captain of his fundraising team.

"He's just awesome," his mom, Lisa Feenstra, said.

Dominic has autism and his family uses the jar to fundraise year-round for the Race for Resources Walk. It's hosted by the Autism Cares Foundation each November. The group helps children with special needs thrive in typical environments.

"They offer sensory friendly movies where the entire family can go," Feenstra explained.

Dom's mom, Lisa, worked at Longhitano's for 20 years up until recently. She's keeping an open heart to the woman who left with the jar

"I really hope there's a child out there who this person was worried about getting Christmas presents for or possibly feeding this week,"Feenstra said.

Lisa's Longhitano's family says they're heartbroken and angry. They're hoping that someone recognizes this woman and quickly calls police.