Cell phone video footage of deadly shooting involving Wilmington Police recovered

On Wednesday, FOX 29 reported a man in a wheelchair died after Wilmington Delaware police shot at him.

Today he has been identified, 26 year old Jeremy McDole. And cell phone video of the shooting has been recovered.

Police say he was armed. But the community is concerned, saying the shooting wasn't necessary.

Police say that they were called to the scene after reports of an armed man with a self-inflicted wound.

The video clearly shows officers repeatedly yelling for Jeremy McDole to drop the gun but an eyewitness who didn't want to go on camera says he never saw one.

Residents told us that the video further reinforces their point that McDole was no risk to police because even if he had a gun they say you can clearly see both of his hands as he props himself up in the wheelchair, both hands appear to be empty.

Police maintain that McDole had a weapon and say that a .38 caliber handgun was recovered at the scene.

After several vigils in Jeremy McDole's memory, residents say he was not the negative figure that's been portrayed.

They say there is a clear conflict between police and the community that needs to be addressed.

According to Wilmington Police, four officers who have not been identified are on administrative desk duty while the Delaware Department of Justice handles the investigation.

Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams said in a statement, "It is premature to jump to any definitive conclusions surrounding this incident. The Wilmington Police Department will aim to be transparent through the investigative process to gain a better grasp of the details that led to this unfortunate incident."