Biker accused of kicking windshield, pulling gun on driver during altercation in Center City charged

Authorities have arrested a biker who they say was recorded kicking in the windshield of a car with two children inside and pulling a gun on a driver during an altercation in Philadelphia. 

Cody Heron, 26, was arrested at his home in Frankford for the violent outburst that happened Sunday on the 1400 block of South Penn Square. 

Interim First Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said investigators were swamped with tips from the public about the suspect after video of the incident recorded by a tourist atop a double-decker sightseeing bus swept across the internet. 

It's alleged that Heron used an alias on his social media accounts that caused tips to come in under a false name. Investigators discovered the alias and traced Heron's digital footprint which lead them to a home in Frankford where they executed a search warrant that uncovered clothing, a firearm, and his motorcycle.

Cody Heron, 26, is accused of hopping on the back of a vehicle and kicking in the windshield during a confrontation in Center City.

Assistant District Attorney Kevin Bentancur said Heron is being charged with counts of aggravated assault and related charges. He added that the incident has traumatized the victim, Nikki Bullock, and her two children who are having issues sleeping and nightmares.

"Violent, lawless behavior is totally unacceptable here in the city and county of Philadelphia," said First Assistant Robert Listenbee.

FOX 29's Steve Keeley reports that Heron is permitted to carry a firearm and had no prior criminal history before his alleged unhinged outburst on Sunday.

"I sincerely hope that these charges will send a strong message to anyone who thinks that this type lawlessness is in any way acceptable in our city," Interim Police Commissioner John Standford said at a Wednesday press conference.

Bullock claims the altercation started when she was sideswiped by a person on a motorcycle - believed by authorities to be Heron - who along with the driver of an ATV, began to argue with her.

"We were arguing back-and-forth because he hit the car, so after that his friend in front of me, he was arguing with me and while I'm arguing with friend he jumped off the bike, jumped on the back of the car and kicked the windshield in," Bullock said.

Video shows the suspect - stopped directly behind the ATV - get off his motorcycle and jump onto the back of the Bullock's car and kick in the back windshield. Bullock then gets of her car and confronts the suspect who she said pointed a handgun in the victim's face.

"I didn't see [the gun] hit the floor at all until he picked ut up," Bullock said. "He pointed it at me, I couldn't hear anything he was saying, I was screaming at him."

The suspect headbutts and shoves the victim as he retreats back to his bike. As the suspect tries to get back onto his bike, the victim shoves him and stands their ground as other members of the group begin to notice the altercation.

"He pointed [the gun] at me and then he put it away and I was like ‘whatever, shoot me then, you’re not going to shoot me' and then he headbutted me with the helmet and we were just going back-and-forth after that," Bullock said.

Neither of Bullock's children were hurt during the incident. She told FOX 29 that several people have reached out about helping her pay for a new windshield, and several auto glass replacement company have lent their services.