Charities hope Giving Tuesday will bring them a much-needed boost in donations

Charities are hoping Giving Tuesday on Dec. 1 will bring them a much-needed boost in donations after a tough year. 

“We were faced with record-breaking storms in 2020. Hurricanes, storms as well as wildfires," said Guy Triano, regional CEO for the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania region.

According to Triano, it's been tough in more ways than one. 

"In our very own area of Southeastern Pennsylvania Hurricane Isaias displaced more than 3,000 individuals and we provided space for over 3,000 people for upwards to a month,” he added.

That’s one reason charities like the American Red Cross are looking forward to tomorrow, Giving Tuesday. 

The financial donations to the American Red Cross help provide shelters, meals, relief supplies, and emotional support.

“Consider donating blood during this time which is also a very important cause we do each and every day,” he said.   

Another charity seeing more need this year than before is the Share Food Program.

"A lot of people have lost jobs and they have lost stable income within their lives,” said Kristin Lide-Hall, assistant chief program officer, said.

She says their numbers have tripled. 

“We've gone from serving over 700,000 people per year to over a million people per month.”  

She says any monetary donation will go a long way in providing food for families and the manpower needed to make it happen. 

“We hired more staff, gotten out more truck drivers to be able to reach areas that are not as much touched by food bank areas or pantries, and starting new programs to reach those impacted by Covid,” said Lide-Hall. 

If you can't donate financially you can always volunteer and the Red Cross says you can donate blood. 

There’s a federal coronavirus relief bill that allows you a $300 tax break on charitable donations. 


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