Cherry Hill police warn of spike in car break-ins

Cherry Hill police are warning of a spike in car break-ins.

"Always lock your car doors cause you never know." It's what Genie Pentimalli does but it's not what a lot of Cherry Hill Township residents are doing, according to police, which is why cops are reporting a spike in thefts from cars in recent days.

Police say numerous neighborhoods have been targeted with almost too many cases to count.
Investigators released a PSA with actors showing how quickly someone can get into your car when you leave it unlocked. Sources say the Kressen Woods and Haddontowne developments are among those already hit several times.

In some cases, crooks have been known to get into the car and then use the remote control to open the garage before ransacking a house sometimes even when homeowners are inside and sleeping.

Jesse Berardi, of ProFound Sound and Video, says technology can help homeowners fight back like a surveillance camera showing FOX 29 Photojournalist Martin Reiman with his image streaming live into Jesse's cell phone.

"A lot of new automation software and apps give the ability to see motion sensing on cameras, keep in touch with your alarm system or even give you notifications when something is going on. And this technology's been really affordable on the market now," Berardi said.

Cherry Hill Police offer these tips: