Chicago car theft happens next to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, is caught on video

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy got more than a nice slice of Chicago pizza when his camera crew caught a car theft in progress, just feet away, during a video review.

The incident took place in the city’s South Loop neighborhood outside the Art of Pizza, which Portnoy was reviewing. Police reported that the victim saw an unknown man inside his vehicle, who fled when a nearby Chicago Police Department (CPD) car was notified.

Portnoy was in the middle of a conversation when the car peeled away, clipping a police car as the driver fled.

He tweeted the video, with the tagline "Bonus Live Carjacking."

"Did that guy get carjacked?" Portnoy asked. "That guy just got carjacked?"

"I think the guy just hit the police car," another man in the video said.

CPD said that the crime was not a "vehicular hijacking," which requires the suspect to obtain the vehicle through force. Instead, the crime was a "motor vehicle theft," during which the suspect stole the car by non-violent means.

Police did not immediately pursue the fugitive vehicle because "members will not engage in a motor vehicle pursuit whenever the most serious offense wanted for is a… theft (including Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicles)," according to a report.

Portnoy told Fox News that he was confused during the incident. "I wasn’t sure what was happening," he said Saturday.

When asked if the theft was the strangest or wildest thing to happen during one of his reviews, Portnoy said it was "hard to pick" because "lots of strange things have happened over the years."


No injuries were reported and detectives are investigating.

For more, go to Fox News.