Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia surprises 2,000 families with tuition

The Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia surprised 2,000 families with tuition.

"At this time of a wonderful holiday season I want you to know you all won the lottery," said Ina Lipman as tears streamed from the eyes of parents who want nothing more than the best education for their children.

"It's a blessing on top of a blessing. I couldn't be more thankful," said Nicole Brown who thought she was going to Thursday night's event hosted by program supporter FS Investments at the Navy Yard just to talk about her application to the Children's Scholarship Fund Program of Philadelphia. Instead she was surprised with the news that her sons Suhayb and Sudais-Luton along with her daughter Sumayyah. are all getting four year scholarships to k through 8 schools.

"It changes everything. They get to go to the school that they really want to go to. They get to tap into taking non-traditional courses so they can hone into skills they never knew they had," said Brown.

These four families join two thousand families who got phone calls from CSF volunteers with the news they all won the lottery for scholarships. Parents at the event tonight like 4-year old Logan's mommy Dawaujnia Jackson helped make calls to the other winners. Jackson says she's looking forward to her son attending a more diverse school with smaller classes.

"My son is used to a diverse economic community because that's what he attends now and all public school don't offer that in our neighborhood but private schools do," said Jackson.

Ina Lipman is the Executive Director of the program.

"We track our children and 98% of our kids graduate high school prepared and on time," she said.

Brown says the scholarship will her children achieve their goals.

"This type of philanthropy is needed because a lot of us parents even though we're working class we're still low income and we can't afford such opportunities," she said.

Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia has awarded nearly 23,000 scholarships over 16 years.