Chilling video shows stranger trying to grab baby in supermarket

(INSIDE EDITION) Video surveillance caught the moment a man allegedly tried to snatch a Houston mom's baby right out of her cart as she shopped at a local supermarket Saturday.

Florence Monauer told that she was in an H Mart supermarket looking at seasonings when a man approached and started talking to her 15-month-old daughter.

"The man initially approaches us and he talks to my daughter like people talk to babies, then he leaves so I didn't think anything of it," Monauer said.

Monauer said she pushed her cart off to the side and continued to look around one of the shelves when she heard some rustling and turned around to see the same man picking up her child.

"She was caught on the shopping cart so he couldn't get her out," Monauer said.

The child began to loudly cry and Monauer grabbed the baby, she said.

"He looks at the baby and says 'aww I tried to take you while your mother wasn't looking'," Monauer said. "It was a very creepy ordeal."

Monauer later called police, who are currently investigating the incident.

"I feel really angry about it. I felt sick to my stomach about the fact that my daughter could've disappeared and he could have run off with her."