Clinton, Biden, President Obama set to speak at DNCC

PHILADELPHIA, PA (WTXF) - Philadelphia is gearing up to host more than 50,000 people later this month when it hosts the Democratic National Convention. It will be the ninth time a political convention is held in the historic city -- including the first Republican National Convention in 1856.

A rep for the convention now confirms 3 key speakers set to take the event to the next level.
Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and President will all lead the stage in the City of Brotherly Love.

Pedro Cortes, Pennsylvania's Secretary of State, said they expect some 50,000 people to attend the megaevent in Philadelphia, which will take place the week of July 25.

Philadelphia's population, approximately one and a half million people, is 12 percent Latino.

In terms of security, local officials are comparing the convention to Pope Francis' visit in 2015.
But Cortes says the city is ready.

"We are excited. Pennsylvania is used to being in the limelight and the world stage," he said in an interview with Fox News Latino.

"The hospitality is going to be here, [and all] the accommodations," he added. "We are working very close with the commonwealth and the city of Philadelphia and with the Democratic National Convention."

Cortes also spoke about the success of the online voter registration system implemented across the state, with 420,000 residents enrolled in less than a year.

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