Coast Guard investigating recruit's death at Cape May

A new Coast Guard recruit who enlisted just a week and a half ago died after he collapsed at the Cape May Training Center. He'd just finished an initial physical fitness assessment and now, the investigation is on into what went wrong.

The Coast Guard reports that on Friday, Seaman Recruit Aaron Redd, 21, "collapsed after completing the 1.5 mile run portion of his initial physical fitness assessment. Coast Guard medical personnel, who were already on-scene as part of the training center's safety protocol, immediately rendered first aid before transporting him to Cape Regional Medical Center."

That's where he died, Wednesday afternoon. The Stafford, Va., man's cause of death has not yet been determined.

According to the Coast Guard, "Recruits of all the armed forces undergo medical evaluations at a Military Entrance Processing Station prior to enlistment. Seaman Recruit Redd also received additional medical screenings once he arrived in Cape May in accordance with Coast Guard regulations."

Redd just enlisted in the Coast Guard on June 28, and was a member of Recruit Company Delta-193.