College Students Lip-Sync Adele's Hello as a Conversation Between Mom and Fetus

Lightning Spatula from Justine Johnson on Vimeo.

Orange City, Iowa (STORYFUL) - A group of college students at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa, recently put on an impressive reenactment of Adele's Hello for their school's lip-sync competition.

The quartet of students reimagined the song to be about a pregnant woman and her unborn fetus just before the woman gives birth.

In the reenactment, the mother prepares to meet her new child, communicating from "outside" the womb to a silhouette of the fetus inside her womb.

One of the students in the performance, Lincoln Morris, posted about the video on Twitter.

The student who played the "Shadow Fetus" uploaded this video of their performance on Reddit on November 25 but the video was first uploaded to Vimeo on November 11.