College students question what the upcoming fall semester will bring

College students are left wondering what the upcoming school year will bring in the age of COVID-19.

Radnor High School seniors Charlie Lihota and classmates Brigid Lowry and Janie Hoysgaard are headed off to college in a couple of months at least they hope so. COVID-19 is already prompting some schools to go online only for fall.

"It is really frustrating the fact that we might not be able to have fall freshman year of college, given we didn't get last months of senior year," Lowry said.

She is supposed to report to Louisville in July for field hockey practice. Hoysgaard is off to the University of South Carolina.

"They emailed us and said we'd definitely be going back in the fall, but if anything changes they'll let us know,” she added.

The keywords "if anything changes" and that question mark has some parents saying hold on.

The president of Camden County Community College says to make sure the credits can transfer.

"It does make a lot of sense for parents to do their homework particularly if they're already enrolled in a four year school, make sure you're not spending money on a course they're gonna have to take again,” Dan Borden said.

He expects to see a bump in their enrollment in the coming months given that community college is a lot less money.

"If you are not going to have that four year on campus experience and you're gonna get similar on virtual or some hybrid it almost seems like a no brainer,” he said.


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