Collingswood teens start job network

After summer camp was canceled a group of teens became entrepreneurs instead and started a job network.

Deliveries and babysitting are some of the many jobs these teens are committed to tackling. The Collingswood Teen Job Network is officially open for business.

Jackson Haro-Moss, 13, his twin sister Sofia, and their brother Vincent, 15, are the bosses. The siblings decided to spend this summer putting their various talents and strengths together to build a diverse business.

Their mom Danie Moss-Velasco ramped up her encouragement when it became clear that summer camp was not an option this year."I was trying to motivate them to think of ideas for an alternative summer because they’re not gonna be home on the couch watching Netflix all summer," she said.

The work has already begun coming in. Manager Sofia stays organized with a whiteboard and a laptop.  As they continue to grow, this crew is looking to hire peers between the ages of 13 and 15 years old to join their network.

To join the job network or to hire these eager workers, please click here.


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