Columbus officer recovering after being shot in line of duty

A Columbus Police Officer is out of the hospital after getting shot in the line of duty.

He was responding to a call of a burglary which quickly escalated into a six hour SWAT standoff at a stately home on Hilton Avenue.

It started shortly after lunchtime in the midtown area of Columbus when police said a man on a stolen scooter entered the house to burglarize it.

No one was home at the time, but residents arrived to find the stolen scooter in the back of the home, three Columbus Police officers responded quickly.

Columbus Police Chief R.T. Boren said one of the officers walked into an upstairs bedroom, right into the line of fire.

"He saw a flash of light, felt something hit him in his left upper left shoulder, realized or believed that he had been shot. He backed out of the bedroom," said Chief Boren.

The chief said all three officers backed out of the home. The injured officer was transported to the hospital. The chief said the officer was shot in the left shoulder, fortunate his protective vest kept him safe.

"The bullet did not penetrate the skin however it has bruised him. He's been treated and released at the hospital," said Chief Boren.

He said SWAT took up positions around the home when the suspect did not come out.

Local residents prayed for a safe outcome

"We don't know what's the situation or what happened but I hope the officer is doing well and prayers are for him and his family," said Erin Reyes who lives in the area.

At first police said they were not sure if a hostage was involved. Chief Boren said SWAT used a public address system to try to talk the man into surrendering.

Then hours into the standoff, confident he was alone; police said SWAT used four flash bang grenades and tear gas to get the man out.

"And while we distracted him from one side we entered from the other," said Chief Boren.

He identified the suspect as 34-year-old Daniel Ray Crisp, who faces burglary and breaking and entering charges and likely more charges connected to the SWAT standoff and firing at an officer, which fortunately ended without bloodshed.

"We're just happy it ended the way it did. We didn't have to injure anybody. We didn't have anybody injured worse than they were and we're happy with the outcome," said Chief Boren.

He said the home owners helped SWAT by providing detailed plans of the home to help them maneuver the large house.

The Chief said the officer who was injured has been on the force three years.