Community holds vigil to remember murdered mother

The family of Natasha Gibson gathered with their Yeadon neighbors among them was her daughter 11-year-old Laniah who put on a brave face to honor her mom tonight.

"I wanted you to know that be thankful for my mom. She will always be there no matter what," said the victim's daughter Laniah Gibson.

It was just across the street Thursday morning when 32-year-old Gibson was found dead. Her throat slashed outside a friend's home on the 600 block of Baily Road. Just yards away from the Yeadon police station. Her mother and sister pleading for information.

"We just want justice. I can't wait to find who did this to you because Lord knows you did not deserve this at all," her sister Geneva Gibson said.

Police believe the suspect was injured in the stabbing. A knife found by police in a sewer and a blood trail a mile and a half long led investigators to a surveillance video of a person of interest seen in West Philly buying a beer. Detectives who personally knew Gibson assured the neighborhood the suspect will be caught.

"Just to let you know that no rock is going to go unturned. No stone won't be kicked and this will be solved," said Detective Fred Ingram.

As candles were lit and balloons released in Gibson's honor, the pain was palpable. Now as police search for a killer a community surrounds this brave little girl left without a mom.

"She's the strongest little person I ever know, We going to make sure she is OK," said Gibson.

Natasha Gibson's mother told FOX 29 News the family is still about $1,700 short of what the funeral home wanted as payment by Thursday. Click here if you are able to donate to the funeral fund on their GoFundMe page.