Community remembers Bucks County men

The Bucks County community is remembering four men whose lives were taken too soon. Residents are heartbroken over the tragedy.

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A song of hope in a community looking still reeling. Local singer Joey Reichman is still trying to understand the murder of four Bucks County men.

"The loss of a sibling of mine when I'm just off doing my own thing would be terrible and it would be pretty catastrophic honestly," he said.

We found people trying to follow their normal Friday night routine in Doylestown but many don't know what normal feels like anymore.

"It's a little disturbing when something hits that close to home."

Justin Pittner says already saw a sign of coming together tonight.

"We just were eating dinner and the DA was eating-- was right next to us and a lot of people were buying him drinks, wanted to buy him food. So I think people were very supportive of the efforts to bring these people this fellow to justice."

Across Bucks County about a dozen people came out to the Garden of Reflection for just that reflection.

A woman's dad is one of the first responders.

"He had one thought and that was to find these boys and bring closure to these families. That's all he would say to us. Come home, we need to find these boys," she explained.

While the suspects mull over the murder charges facing them many struggle to understand how so many young lives could be taken so violently.