Community starts petition in support of transgender student

The Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill is on the defense after it says it could not make accommodations for a transgender student. Now students are coming to the support of that student.

14-year-old Mason Catrambone really wanted to attend Camden Catholic High School. His father went there and he was thrilled when he was accepted. The problem is that when he was accepted at the end of last school year he was Madelyne. However, after he came to terms with the fact that he was transgender this summer, Mason emerged, Madelyne was gone, and so was his acceptance to Camden Catholic.

There were a series of meetings where Mason and his family explained his transition. They say they tried to find a compromise.

Supportive friends started a petition to support Mason that is currently flooded with support and asking Camden Catholic to reconsider. Neither Camden Catholic nor the Camden Diocese were available to go on camera but they both sent statements.

Camden Catholic sent the following statement:

"As a Catholic school, our principal mission is to form students in the Faith and we must always be true to the teachings of that Faith, even indeed especially, when those teachings are challenged by the secular world."

For now the school is sticking by their decision.