Community works together to help each other in Point Breeze

If one thing is needed in this trying time, it’s to know the community is there for each other, helping one another to get through.

It looked like a block party in Point Breeze. The mood was festive but the need very serious.

“Schools gonna be out for two weeks. I said, ‘Look, we all need to jump in together and figure this out. How we gonna deal with this?’” stated Community Activist Anton Moore.

Anton Moore is the Founder of Unity in the Community. He sounded the alarm and says within 24 hours, several community groups, small businesses, public figures and people like James R. Wright, born and raised in South Philly, responded to help those struggling even more during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Point Breeze community coming together to help each other.

“We have to help. I don’t have much, but I give what I can give,” Wright stated.

He gave dozens of soft pretzels and neighborhood kids enjoyed a few immediately.

“There’s always somebody hungry or can’t afford anything, so I try to do the best I can. I’m retired, I’ve got the time to help now,” Wright added.

“This is what it’s all about. Grass roots – we’re not waiting for the government. We gotta move,” Moore remarked.


Collecting all kinds of food, household supplies, daily necessities, including feminine products. Philadelphia police officers unloaded a trunk-load of donated items they collected, to help a neighborhood where poverty and crime run high.

Point Breeze community coming together to help each other.

“The way things are today, we have to be more concerned,” Wright went on.


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“We’re a community here in South Philadelphia. When we do things, we all come together. We make sure it get done right,” Moore said.

Point Breeze community coming together to help each other.

Several of the volunteers donned masks and gloves, safety measures as people came through, saying the need outweighs possible risk.

“This is my neighborhood. I always come back and give back as much as I can. It’s about love,” Wright added.

Anyone who wants to give or help, can find more information by clicking here.


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