Congressman: Shooter of Officer Acted on ISIS Orders from Syria

A member of Congress who is the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security says he believes the shooter of a Philadelphia Police officer early today was carrying out orders from the Islamic State.

Texas Rep. Mike McCaul, according to Fox News Insider, says that it is clear the shooter hears ISIS' message.

"When you look at the Internet activity coming out of Raqqa, Syria, into the United States every day - 200,000 tweets per day - the message is clear," said McCaul. That message is to "'kill military, attack military installations, and kill police officers,'" he said.

"It's in my judgment that this individual's carrying out these directives - these orders, if you will - coming out of Raqqa, Syria, from ISIS."

Philadelphia Police said this morning that the shooter had confessed to carrying out the crime and doing so "in the name of Islam," while also pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. However, police did not go so far as to say that Archer was working directly with ISIS or any other foreign group.

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