Couple Creates Enormous Bed to Accommodate Their Cuddly Pets

Tired of having to share precious bed space with your pet? Have you considered building a super-bed to accommodate all of them?

Reddit user Robdogbird did exactly that to accommodate his five cuddly cats and two loving dogs.

He shared the story of how he and his girlfriend created and 11-fot wide super bed that is suitable to two humans, two dogs and five cats.

He went on to describe the process and components that went in to making the bed.

According to his post, they were able to push together a full size mattress and a king size mattress and fit them into a custom-build bed frame.

With all the space the bed took up, the couple says they needed storage. So they built the frame to accommodate their storage needs.

He admits that the crease where the mattresses meet is noticeable but is not as bad as some would imagine.

Both beds have separate comforters and sheets, which they say they do their best to match.