Couple goes ahead with small, socially distanced wedding amid pandemic

After overcoming a lifetime filled with different hurdles, one woman and her husband were still determined to get married even during a global pandemic.

At age 6, Jessica Heaven lost her brother at a young age to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and was diagnosed with leukemia almost six months later. She went on to beat cancer, become a physician’s assistant, but was now stuck years later in the middle of the coronavirus after recently being engaged to her then fiancé Adam Kasprzak.

The couple had planned a big wedding with hundreds of people gathering on April 17th at Knowlton Mansion but due to the social distancing measures and orders being put in place to combat the coronavirus, their big wedding plans were put on hold. But for Jessica and Adam, the pandemic was just another hurdle they were going to have to jump.

“So we basically thought, what went wrong went wrong and how do we kind of pick this up from a positive perspective. So we sat down and we wrote all the things that we really wanted out of the wedding and fortunately, we live in Old City, so there’s a beautiful garden that we found that had planters that kind of spaced everything out so those few people that could be there, would be there and we could do things from a comfortable distance, “ said Adam.

The couple joined Good Day Philadelphia to discuss their intimate wedding where only a few members of their families could attend, but they did have some visitors to make their special day a little more special.

“The people that came were just our immediate family in the garden, those that could come. Our officiant, my parents, his family had told a bunch of people that this was going to happen if you want to drive by, honk, watch from a distance, you’re welcome to just maintain your distance,” said Jessica.

“We had a bunch of people actually drive by after we actually tied the knot as well as people from the rooftops waving down to us, so it was great,” added Adam.

While the couple enjoyed their wedding day, they still plan to have a much bigger ceremony in August for all of their friends and family that couldn’t attend.

“I mean, it’s obviously very special. We’re happy to be married and do what was important but we were really looking forward to celebrating with all of our family, all of our friends, so we tentatively have a reschedule at the end of August, mostly just for the reception and celebration,” said Jessica.

The couple did have a honeymoon planned eventually for France and Switzerland and are hoping to make it up at some point. Even though a lot of things have happened in Jessica’s life up until this point, she still keeps a positive outlook on everything, even while working the front lines of the coronavirus.


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