Creato jury watches video of father hearing son, 3, died

Prosecutors in David Creato's trial for murder and child endangerment in the death of his 3-year-old son spent most of Wednesday morning playing a video of police interviewing him at the police station, before he was charged in the case.

Earlier, Creato's lawyers had tried to stop the video from being played for the jury, but their request was denied.

The video shows Creato's reaction to hearing his son Brendon was dead in October 2015. He also talked about his former girlfriend, who was the boy's mother.

Then, he talked about his current girlfriend and the fact she didn't like him having a son, and how their relationship was turbulent.

Creato sat alone in a room, crying.

After that, detectives came back and Creato showed them on a map where he and Brendan would go for walks. Then, he returned to his girlfriend not liking that he had a child from another woman and didn't want Brendan in her life. He said she was trying to break up with him that weekend, but he talked her out of it -- despite not giving up his son for her.

Prosecutors had said the 23-year-old Haddon Township man killed his son because he'd become an impediment to his relationship with his teenage girlfriend.

Police asked Creato about doors and how his son could've gotten out, but Creato said Brendan knew his neighborhood, didn't understand how the boy could walk away, and how possibly someone went into his apartment without him knowing, because of an issue with the bottom door lock.

The child's body was found in a creek about a mile from Creato's home.