Cyber Monday emerging as holiday shopping day of choice, overtaking Black Friday

Shoppers took to the stores to get a start on their holiday shopping, despite Sunday’s rain. And, while Black Friday used to be the big day for spending, Cyber Monday might eclipse that.

"Good news for consumers is that retailers have lots of inventory and they want to move it. Bad news for retailers is they have lots of inventory and they need to move it right?" Finance Professor at the University of San Diego, Dan Roccato, said.

"I was really surprised how much they had in there. Several years ago, they didn’t have that much inventory," shopper Sterling James stated.

Shoppers still out and about this holiday weekend saw first-hand that the super sales started long before Thanksgiving, both in stores and online.

"The stampede that we used to get on Black Friday pretty much is a thing of the past as many shoppers, you know, prefer just to stay home and shop in their footy pajamas," Roccato remarked. "Pretty much find the same deals."

Roccato says the whole holiday sales weekend kind of blends together now because the deals start so early, but shoppers can still get the best bargains on some key items on Cyber Monday.

"Anything with the plug on it generally is going to be a better deal. So computers, game systems, toys, kitchen gadgets, things of that nature, usually on Cyber Monday, you’ll find pretty decent deals," Roccato explained. "You want to stay away from things like jewelry or outdoor gear."

"Cyber Monday is pretty easy. You just stay home and do it from home," shopper Bill Toen said. "You don’t need to get into the crowds or anything like that."