DA Krasner pushes back against impeachment movement lead by Pennsylvania Republicans

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is planning a gathering Wednesday with supporters by his side to push back against a State House vote holding him in contempt.

The two-term Democrat stood with members of Philadelphia City Council Wednesday as they detailed plans to protect abortion rights.  Krasner said he was "thrilled" to be the only man standing with the council members but was far less enthusiastic to talk about the contempt vote.

In a lopsided vote, in the Republican controlled State House, the two-term Democratic D.A. was held in contempt for failing to respond to subpoenas from a special committee investigating whether to impeach him. 


Pa. House committee votes to hold Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner in contempt

According to the committee, Krasner declined to accept hand-delivered subpoenas and his office is not complying with an electronic copy accepted by his attorneys.

When pressured for an answer on the contempt vote by FOX 29's Jeff Cole. Krasner was largely noncommittal and said he would entertain questions at a Wednesday night rally.

State Representative Jason Dawkins of Philadelphia called Tuesday’s vote a sham, describing Krasner as "red meat" and an "easy target" for his political adversaries. 

"He’s one of these guys who have a mixed review from Republicans and Democrats," Dawkins said.

Ten Philadelphia Democrats voted against Krasner, including Representative Amen Brown who said no one in the state of Pennsylvania should believe they are above the law.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia residents feel the weight of the city's worsening gun violence crisis that far too often impacts youths and young people.

"It’s nasty out here, new laws should be put in place for these guns, these ghost guns," Hector Carcana said. "This violence out here, it’s not safe for the kids."