Dad fires son for restaurant receipt ridicule

When Dillon Arnold grabbed a couple drinks with friends at All Stars Bar & Grill in Rhode Island, he got an insult to go along with his cocktails.

Arnold said he was signing his check when noticed he was identified as "fatty" in the section where the patron's name is supposed to go.

"I was signing my slip," Arnold said. "I didn't really pay attention to it yet, and then I just happened to read it and I saw it in the corner and I was like, 'Wow,' and my heart just dropped."

Arnold posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook and it quickly went viral, with many people venting their anger at All Stars Bar & Grill.

So the owner didn't just fire his son, but also but banned from the restaurant.

Click here to hear from the owner and find out whether the diner accepted his apology, from Fox News.