Daily News Breaks New Ground with First Transgender Sexy Single

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF) -The Daily News broke new ground in their Sexy Single edition. For the first time ever, a transgender person was named a sexy single.

"It was the jet fuel for the jet and this is where we are today," said Michaela Vasilakos, also known as Kayla Vas. She's flying high after gracing the pages of the Philadelphia Daily News as a "Sexy Single".

"I'm kind of like inside being like, 'Yeah you go girl. You own it,'" said Kayla. She says it started with a post on Twitter.

"I was being funny one day and I kind of mimicked Caitlyn Jenner when they did the Vanity Fair and I was like step aside Caitlyn Jenner. I was Kayla before you were," she said. Kayla says the paper called her after reading the post. She says they found her on social media after receiving several nominations on her behalf.

"I was actually thrilled," said Kayla. But it's not just about being labeled sexy. She isn't shy about owning that title as seen in a video in the Daily News "Sexy Singles" feature.

"I'd like to think of myself as sexy. I'm 48 years old and I hate to be fresh but I have a few miles left in me," laughed Kayla.

But more importantly Kayla is the first transgender to be named a "Sexy Single" in the highly-coveted edition released every summer.

"I think it's about time people see different kinds of transgender people. You saw it in Dancing With The Stars. Chaz Bono got very good reviews."

And so is Kayla as she reads some of the responses on social media.

"I just bought the paper, you go girl, baby and you're sexy," reads Kayla who also says she hopes the title will bring awareness and acceptance to the transgender community.

The Daily News says it picked Kayla because of her energy, spirit and bravery. Writers say she stands in her truth and is living life on her terms and they think that's sexy.