Deer crashes through window of moving SUV

A Florida man and his son were shocked during their morning commute, when a deer decided to smash into their moving car and try to hitch a ride.

Todd Engle, of Lake Mary, said he was driving his teenage son to school last Friday when he noticed a deer running through the golf course they were driving past. Deers aren't an unusual sight in Engle's Markham Woods neighborhood, but this one wasn't calmly enjoying the morning like most; it was coming right at him with nowhere for him to dodge.

"It decided to just go into me," said Engle. "I thought it was just gonna hit the side and fall down I didn't expect it to go through the window."

Engle said the deer burst through the passenger-side window sending glass flying. Pictures of the immediate aftermath showed a combination of glass and deer hair littering the front seats.

"[The deer] Kicked the front windshield, was kicking me, I was trying to get my seatbelt off, and once I got it off the car was still moving about 10 miles per hour and I bailed," said Engle.

Engle said the frantic deer followed him out of the driver-side door, seemingly coming face to face with him for a moment before running off.

As of Thursday morning Engle was still cleaning up the mess and trying to get the passenger door of his car opening again; though he'd gotten his windows replaced.

As Engle retold the story to friends and coworkers he said he wished he could give them some advice to avoid a similar incident, but he thinks his car was just the luck, or unluck, of the draw on this one. He said he's just glad his son, him, and the deer all walked away in one piece.