Delaware County's first health director tours Chester vaccination site

Delaware County’s first-ever Health Director toured a neighborhood vaccination site at Keystone First Wellness Center in Chester on Wednesday. 

Melissa Lyon CPH visited the wellness center for the first time today to get an up-close look at the facility.

"In my few short days, I can say that there are people that have just been wanting to demonstrate the resources they have. The enthusiasm they want to do partnerships with," Lyons said. "As far as needs, I think our needs probably look very similar as other places in our country."

Brianna Streeter and her daughter Kamilla received their second of two vaccine shots today. They said they’ll also get their boosters as well because Brianna’s grandfather, who has cancer, now lives with them. They’re grateful for more wellness centers and that an official health department is now in Chester. 


"One, it’s like beneficial to be like go right around the corner. You don’t have to go to Philly, you don’t have to go to like other cities, like it’s right here." Streeter said. "Plus, it’s just been hard for a lot of people to get help, and now we have help right at our doorstep now, it’s definitely helpful."

Delaware County for many decades lacked a proper health department and director, now they have both. Something Lyon said she understands has been a need for residents here. 

"It's managing the expectation of the community, the partners and stakeholders. I know they’re so excited to have a Health Department and what we’re going to be able to offer, but there are some real fundamental things we have to put in place first," Lyon said.

The Keystone First Wellness and Opportunity Center in Chester has given out more than 13,000 vaccines since last January. 



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